Market Research Projects

Customer Satisfaction

A continuous measure of satisfaction of new lift installations, modernisations and maintenance.

Customer Satisfaction

On behalf of a supplier of earthmoving equipment. To establish the level of customer satisfaction in four African countries.

Market for Ceramic Tiles

To analyse the South African market as part of a feasibility study on behalf of Italian and local project partners. The survey established market size, growth, trends, level of imports, fashion, pricing segmentation into different grades and types of tile. 

Market for Petroleum Waxes

To establish market size, pricing, market shares of major players, user details, segmentation into different sectors and generally to analyse market opportunities.

Likely Demand for Modified Starches in Paint

A modified starch can be used in paint. The survey established the likely demand for the paint by interviewing paint technologists. The purpose would be to lower the cost of paint by introducing a starch polymer.

Likely Demand for Polymer Starches

Likely usage of a modified starch plastic polymer that could be used by plastic converters to produce a biodegradable plastic. The market survey quantified the market size for a variety of plastic products

Demand for Energy in the Meat, Poultry and Brick Industries

To establish which energy sources are being used for different processes and applications in these industries. Interviews were carried out nationally with abattoirs, poultry farms, meat processing plants and brick yards.

Survey in the market for bulk distribution in South Africa

A full truck load survey carried out in Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Western Cape and Eastern Cape to establish total market, market shares, market growth, trends, opportunities, threats and challenges.

Demand for Public, Industrial and Commercial Lighting products

Lighting products used for street lighting, floodlighting, industrial and shopping mall and office lighting are undergoing rapid technological advancements – from old style mercury vapour lamps to advanced light emitting diode systems.  

Survey in the market for container closures, dispensers and pumps

A German company planned to enter the market in South Africa but before doing so it needed to identify opportunities and draw up a marketing strategy.  The main focus of the study was on end users/ product fillers in order to provide information on their names, contact details, annual volumes purchased, suppliers, key products sold, price points and unmet needs.